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Harajuku Style
Who does not know Harajuku fashion style? As the name implies, who popularized the style of the Harajuku district of Harajuku in Tokyo, Japan.

Harajuku is famous as the "hang out" people stylish and fashionable. Harajuku style is itself a kind of street fashion or street fashion that does not know the rules.

View the crash between the color, style, pattern, size, until the type of clothing worn fashion typical of the style this one. Harajuku style is divided into many subgaya like Lolita, Kogal, Gongaru, Cosplay, Yamanba, and much more. Like what exactly these forces?

Lolita for example. This style of adapting the style of Japanese beautiful doll with pale white skin and dressed like a doll sweet woman who sold in stores. Lolita is divided into several different styles of Gothic Lolita, Sweet Lolita, Classic Lolita, Punk Lolita, and Lolita Wa. All this Lolita style is for the women.

While not to be outdone, the men also have a style named Lolita Ouji or Kodona. Gothic Lolita original look to the past again when the New Wave movement was a hot was hot in the UK in the 80s.

This style of mixing Lolita doll style with the famous Gothic-style "dark", from the dark makeup to dress in black. While Punk Lolita style is also similar to the Gothic Lolita style, only difference is in details such as bracelets and necklaces ferns, images of the skull until mohawk hair.

However, because the style is essentially a puppet-style dark colors mixed with feminine colors like pink or purple was inevitable. In Indonesia, the singer Agnes Monica and the duo Maia has a similar style of dress style is Gothic Lolita.

Sweet Lolita is a style that was adapted from the manga or Japanese comics which is a children's fantasy of a Lolita. So be childish style that looks like a thick ruffle, platform shoes with high heels, hair braids, big bands as accessories and others.

Any colors are usually bright colors or soft, very girly. Although Sweet Lolita shoes look thick and tall, but apparently among other Lolita styles, worn shoes Sweet Lolita is still low. Accessories are not used to losing "nyeleneh" like a bag of fruit, a lot of key chains, and other accessories colored light.

Artis Indonesia is synonymous with this style is Joey Ayala, while the international artists who have such a sweet style of this doll is a veteran actress Shirley Temple and singer Gwen Stefani.

Classic Lolita is a style that was adapted from styles popular in the Middle Ages as a member of the royal style of French Marie Anttoinette or style of the works Juliet Romeo and Juliet romance of Shakespeare.

Last is the Wa Lolita Lolita. Wa Lolita fashion itself combines traditional Japanese Kimono is a modern Lolita fashion. So that the women who wear this style like a Japanese doll underway, complete with bakiaknya.

Well, what about the man Lolita style? Apparently they adapt styles from old Victorian style. These men also wore make-up. Only levels have different thickness.

Harajuku style is quite popular options included here is Cosplay, which is short for costume play, which serves as your favorite characters dressed in character costumes.

The character is usually followed by a hero or villain characters like the ones in anime or cartoon movies Japan, manga, and video games. Call it the cartoon fashion Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Bertopeng, City Hunter, until the character Sora from Kingdom Heart games. In fact, the children did not want to lose lho.

Cosplay style of their favorite echoes are mostly cartoon characters from Nickelodeon kids programs. Indonesian artist who often mimic the style is a member of the group Cosplay J-Rock music.

There's another Harajuku styles are no less funky and has its own fans. Kogal style for example. Kogal is also similar to Gongaru style is often also called Kogyaru style. Flat-soled boots either high or low, skirts supermini, supertebal makeup, hair color, high socks that reach above the knee, until the great accessories are required equipment if you want Kogal or Kogyaru style.

The most striking is how women Kogal "paint" themselves to have dark skin or tan a little like people who run out in the sun.


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