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Cosplay Tournament and Cabaret!! Cosplay Tournament is cosplay competition event with other formats from the others! Time to show the extent of your ability to animate characters you perankan!
Cosplayer will be given the opportunity to show their ability in mastering the characters in the format cosplaykan One Vs One on the stage.

REMEMBER! Which in competition here is how good you are in bringing the characters in cosplaykan and improvise, so even cosplay underdogs here can be excellent! Curious? So let's follow-up!!

Venue: Jakarta International Expo
1st Floor Commerce Center Building
Arena PRJ Kemayoran Jakarta 10620

The tournament will be held 2 times namely :

1. February 21, 2010
Cosplay Tournament
Cosplay Cabaret

2. February 26, 2010
Cosplay Tournament
Cosplay Cabaret

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