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Lovers of community development and Anime Action Figures in Indonesia is growing rapidly now. Pencintanya not only from among the children, but adults who make a lot of collectibles.

Dilatar back on by this, and coincide with school vacation, Mall Artha Gading MULTITOYS work with as a hobby collectibles store that is known by the collector SACCA throughout Indonesia and Production, organized events, exhibitions and bazaars hobby under the name "Great Sale Multitoys Festival" .

Exhibition of toys and hobby bazaar is the largest national scale will be held on 15 June to 12 July 2009 in the Atrium Millennium lt 1 Mal Artha Gading. The event aims to contain the community lovers Action Figures, Anime, toys and other collectibles to gather, exchange information, at around this hobby.

In addition, the existence of this event, Mal Artha Gading can be a destination for parents to buy gifts for the increase in class baby. Items shown here include Action Figure, Anime, Die Cast Models, Military Models to Radio Control. These goods were sold at low prices, the discounts up to 70%.

Not only that, for games lovers can also follow various competitions such as:
· Games Competition;
· Gundam Kit Competition;
· Cosplay Competition;
· TOMICA Competition; and much more.

Do not miss Final Fantasy X-2 Cabaret, Magic performance, Yoyo and modeling of aero show helped enliven any event. So, do not have to worry anymore planning your child's school holidays this time,
enough to Mal Artha Gading, and feel wonderful holiday with family. See you at Mal Artha Gading.


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