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Yes! We want you to participate.. Send us your best cosplay photos collections, and we will show it off in here! C'mon cosplayer, we know you already done and participate in many cosplay events, competitions, etc.. :) Let others know how great your photos are.. Not only for cosplayers, but also photographers or anybody who wants to submit cosplay photos, we will appreciate it so much and we will give you a credit..

How To : just post below your photos URL (example :, you can submit up to 15 pictures per day.. Include your name / website so we can give credits to you.. When you already done, click Submit and you will be redirected to our main page. You can submit up to 15 photos, but only 5 pictures per one time. So if you want to submit more photos, go back to this page again.. :)

If you want to add some comment to your pictures, just insert it...

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